Découverte des sites médiévaux sur le thème du célèbre Richard Coeur de Lion situés en Haute-Vienne, en Charente, en Dordogne et en Corrèze.

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Richard the Lion Heart Route - Historic Route

Limousin, autonomous region and historically prized since antiquity, contains in lush rolling countryside and an important artistic and cultural heritage, combined, to a rich religious and military past.

Its western part, situated on the foothills of the Massif Central, has many castles and fortified buildings today both administratively divided into Haute-Vienne and Correze border in the Charente and Dordogne. Particularly interesting for their architecture and history, they were mostly built in the eleventh century, and often remodeled and modified by necessity or by choice warlike fashion. The extensive remains are evidence of ongoing struggles that fought the dukes of Aquitaine, also became kings of England, and the kings of France all keen to expand its influence through the Viscounts of Limoges, who were vassals of first but strongly attracted by the latter.

Thus, the castles of Rochechouart Lavauguyon, Montbrun, Châlus Lastours Courbefy, Jumilhac, Bonneval and Segur, evenly spaced, were controlling a defensive barrier to the west and southwest, over 60 km as the crow bird access to the Viscount of Limoges.

To develop a collaborative animation of these sites and their environment, a "Tourist Route" across the north the "Land of Feuillardiers" and south "Country Arédien" seemed a picturesque way to develop a common regional past while respecting their individuality and overall theme was therefore sought between castles, medieval churches, castles and abbeys, browsing the Limousin countryside. Naturally, a legendary image, regional and world-famous figure was an emblem: Richard 1st, known as "Lion Heart".

Richard, King of England and Duke of Aquitaine (1157 -1199); waged war for 5 years in Marche Limousine, against his overlord: Philip Augustus, King of France (1180-1223). If there are reports his visit to St. Yrieix at Chalard to Courbefy and perhaps Bonneval, his troops attacked many other sites like Jumilhac, Lastours Rochechouart … He died in 1199 during the siege of Châlus-Chabrol, fatal event which the Lord of Montbrun was closely associated.

Founded in 1984 as a "Beauty Road" Route Richard the Lion Heart, is sponsored by the Association of Historical Mansion.

Hyphen between three regions: Poitou-Charente, Berry-Limousin and Périgord-Quercy, and their four border departments: Charente, Correze, Dordogne and Haute-Vienne, the historic route of the West Limousin together over nearly 180 km, or 19 sites open to the public. His career focused on the Departmental 901 is indicated in both directions by a traffic signal at Route header: a crowned lion in the heart pierced by an arrow, recalling the tragic fate of Richard the Lion Heart.

With its mission to promote tourism on the border of Perigord and Limousin, the Route Richard the Lion Heart, driving the discovery and development of authentic Limoges places and often prestigious, annually organizes concerts and cultural events in sites where the legend alongside history.

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